Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Adventures Await

Several weeks ago, I got an email.  Amazing, right?!?  Well, this one was different from the usual "special offers" and spam that floods our email these days.  This email came from a group called The North Face Locals (#TNFLocals).  It peaked my interest...

The email said:

"We reached out to you...inviting you you to join The North Face Locals Ambassador Program.  You were identified as on of the top influencers in the outdoor endurance community through your great results at one or more of our Endurance Challenge races."

I looked up @TNFLocals on Twitter, because honestly, I had never heard of the program before.  I needed to learn a little more about it, and curb my skepticism.  I even went so far as to message The North Face's official Twitter handle (@thenorthface) and ask them if #TNFLocals was legit...their response; Absolutely.

That was a good enough answer for me!  I filled out the recruitment survey online, and then (because maybe I was a little excited to see if I got picked) I emailed the TNFLocals gang to see what was next.  Basically...I wait...but I'm good at that.

So wait I did...I waited what felt like forever.

And 6 days ago, I got this in my inbox:

Hello Local,

Huge congrats is due to you for being selected as a member of The North Face Locals Outdoor Ambassador Program.  We want to reward you for embodying the spirit of Never Stop Exploring by giving you exclusive access to gear, athletes, content, and experiences.

(Insert legal mumbo jumbo here)

Please keep an eye out for more instructions on your next adventure(s) as a TNF Local.

Cheers & Welcome,
#TNFLocals Team

So there it is! I am now an Outdoor Ambassador for The North Face Locals Program. I'm proud to be a a part of the program. I've always respected and admired the core spirit and motto of The North Face: Never Stop Exploring.  

Well I don't plan to stop. Look forward to big things coming in 2015!