Sunday, March 29, 2015

The year ahead

It's been awhile since I've updated this thing, but I suppose now is as good of a time as any to get back into it.  The new year brings some new challenges in racing and running, and revisiting some...unfinished business.

Much has changed since last season, not the least of which is now being an official Outdoor Ambassador for The North Face Locals program!  There's going to be tons of cool stuff to follow being an Ambassador for TNFLocals, and hopefully I'll get to continue to share contests, sneak peaks for new products, post some reviews, and who knows what else!  I have to also say, I'm very thankful for all the great gear TNFLocals has provided me, that will definitely keep me outfitted throughout the training, racing, and adventuring season to come!

I've got some big plans for the racing season, and everything is going to kick off on May 9th with the spring edition of the Whoo's in El Moro 50k.  A beautiful course through some of the SoCal coastal mountains, it's sure to make for a great run and a great way to beat up the ol' pegs just the right amount!

In June, I plan on putting in a solid training block, and I'll probably throw in a few smaller, local races.  The great thing about southern California, is there's something going on almost every weekend!  I also plan on spending some big days in the mountains around San Jacinto, Big Bear, and probably even the San Gabriel Ranges.  Lots of big mountain adventures ahead!

July 4th brings in the Moab Alpine to Slickrock 50 miler.  It's a tough race; I did the first half last year, before DNFing with no good reason, really.  Starting at Pack Creek in the La Sal Mountains, the course goes up up up, going over several high mountain passes (last year I got caught in a sporadic thunderstorm on one!), and then bombs down the slickrock into Moab.  I'll admit, this race beat me last year, but this year, I own it. 

After MAS 50, another huge training block, hopefully fitting in some longer adventure type runs in the mountains through July, August, and the first part of September.  Big days, big mountains, big miles, and big smiles are the goal.  One thing that the family and I have always done is volunteered at the Angeles Crest 100, and I plan to be there in some fashion again this year.  I'll likely do some more local races as well, such as the Mt. Baldy Run-to-the-Top (it's been on my radar).  And there's plenty of room for family adventures in here as well, venturing to places like Sequoia/Kings Canyon, Yosemite, Big Sur, and who knows where else! 

And then the biggest challenge of the year, my first 100 mile race; the Bear 100.  I've only heard how beautiful the course is, but I also know it is equally as rugged.  I've got a ways to go to get where I want to be for that race, but right now, I'm cautiously confident that I can get there...I'll show you in September.

When all that's done, I'll have to assess how beat up I am, and see where to go next.  There's lots of great races towards the end of the year like TNF 50 in San Francisco, Bootlegger 50k in Boulder City, or maybe even (dare I say) a road marathon!  There's so much else to do, so maybe I'll just take the family and go explore Zion, or the Grand Canyon, or Bryce....the possibilities!