Thursday, April 12, 2012

Boys Night

It's just me and Tyler at home tonight, as the wife is working late. Contrary to dinner plans laid out for me, I think we are going to go for pizza instead. After all, it is boys night, right? And what does a 4 year old love more than some pizza and ice cream for dinner? I couldn't imagine anything else! I know I'm looking forward to a dinner of pizza and a nice Sierra Nevada Kellerweiss (one of my favorite brews).

Today was a different workout than what I would usually do; I used the Stairmaster at the gym. I figured we don't really have any good hills here, so I'll have to make due with what I've got. Ran to the gym, did 3 miles (30 min) on the machine, and then ran back. I felt pretty good over all, but I could definitely tell my legs got a workout they don't usually get on this flat coastal ground. I know it's not hills, but it's what I've got to work with, so I'll take it.

Mixed up my first home made endurance drink tonight, so I'll try it out tomorrow on a little longer run to see how it works out. I used the little scooper in the Gatorade mix container, and mixed pure maltodextrin with gatorade powder (orange) at a 3:1 ratio, and added it to 20 oz of water. Took a quick sip, and the taste is pretty mellow, so as long as the carbohydrates work out, should be a good mix. I'm sure I'll tweek it more as I learn more about Maltodextrin and caloric needs, but this at least gives me a starting point.

Time to order some pizza!

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