Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trail Runner Challenge

So I figured, before I jump into about 10 weeks of hardcore marathon training for my race in December, I'd throw in some more base training.  I saw on Twitter, that Trail Runner Magazine was doing an "ultra" challenge using the Strava app (just started using Strava by the way, and really digging the way more info than dailymile, and I just like the "dashboard" better.).  The idea is to log 100 miles from 1-16 September.  If you do, you get "extreme bragging rights" and a free issue of Trail Runner Mag (which I already subscribe to).  I just figured it was a good way to hold myself accountable and get some good base miles in before I start my next training cycle.

So far, 5 days in, and 44 miles logged...100 shouldn't be too tough.  Really, all you have to do is a 10k every day, and you'll make the challenge.  I think I'll hit over 100 miles by the time the challenge is over, but I'm not really going for any specific distance.  It's nice, because I'm at my parents house right now, and there are decent road routes and tons of city parks with different trails that are only a short drive away.  I have to say, I would have never known Indianapolis had so many parks until I became interested in trail running.  Running really does change your perception on things.'s to finishing the 100 mile challenge!

In the mean time...keep running!


  1. Hello Peter,
    First, I want to thank you for serving & protecting our great country!

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    All the very best for the rest of 2012 and beyond Peter. Look forward to hearing from you…