Monday, November 26, 2012

The Last Long Run of the Season: Covington Crest and Covington Flats

I've now officially run all but one portion of the California Riding and Hiking Trail as it runs through Joshua Tree National Park.  Some (Juniper Flats area), I've run several times.  Of all the sections, this is by far my favorite.

This section of the trail has some epic views, that honestly, can't even be done justice in least not any photograph I would take.  There is just something about standing on the side of a mountain, alone, taking in some breath-taking views.  Standing there and letting the crisp, cool, mountain wind bite at your ears and cheeks is such an awakening experience that only those who have stood in that spot can know. 

When people ask,  "Why do you run trails?" it's because of moments like that.  The amazing view, the fresh air, the absolute freedom of it all...that's why.  But for those of us who do it, we know that there's even something more that can't be placed into words. Only another purveyor of the trail understands how you feel.

View of Mt San Jacinto from Covington Crest

Overlooking the Coachella Valley


Panoramic view from the crest

San Jacinto above the Clouds

Descending through the bushes

Down into the Flats

Heading down into the canyon
The trail winding into the Canyon floor


Rocky wash as the trail gets more technical

Tall Yucca plants everywhere!

Found a friend on the trail


This was my last long run of the season before beginning my taper.  Have to admit, there was some good climbing and descending, but the trail was pretty amazing.  Great views, great weather, and a great run.

In the meantime...Keep Running!

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