Friday, June 15, 2012

Week in Review: 6/4/1012 to 6/15/2012

Week (and a half) in review!

6/4/2012 - Post-race rest day and travel back home.

6/5 - Post-race recovery run in Brooks Green Silence.  5.36 miles in 50 minutes.  9:16 pace.  Average heart rate was 154.  Muscles were still sore from race, but running loosened them up.

6/6 - 5.15 miles in 44:00.  8:37 pace.  Avg HR 168.  Still sore, but a good run in the Merrell Road Gloves.  Perfect overcast and cool weather.  Solo run with alot on my mind concerning future move.

6/7 - Double run day.  First run was 6.01 miles in 51:30.  First 3 miles @ 7:20 pace, then 3 easy miles w/ HR focus of 150 bpm.  Second run was all easy miles, running 4.55 miles in 42:38.  Avg HR 158.  Both runs in New Balance Minimus MT10.  First two miles were run w/ Rangel, last 4 solo.

6/8 - Rest day.

6/9 - 5.29 miles in 47:57.  9:04 pace w/avg 161 HR.  Ran intentionally fuel depleted to encourage fat fueling. 

6/10 - LSD, or was supposed to be.  Trail run of 6 miles in 1:10.  Frustrated with trail conditions, as well as dehydration left me feeling nausea.  Ninety degree heat and extreme humidity were contributing factors.  Cut run short, suspecting a hydration/electrolyte imbalance.  Better safe than sorry.

Total Weekly mileage: 32 miles
Total time:                    5:12
Calories Burned:          4383

6/11 - 6/13 - No running.  Spent time w/wife in hospital. 

6/14 - 6.45 miles in 1:05.  10:06 pace.  HR 165 avg.  Lack of sleep and dehydration/improper fueling for week caught up.  Ran in Merrell Road Gloves.

6/15 - Double Run day.  Run 1 was 4.01 miles in 35:54 @ 8:58 pace.  Avg HR 158.  Run 2 7.32 miles @9:46 pace w/ avg HR of 161.  Both runs in the Green Silence.  Unusually cool for June.  Perfect weather for morning and evening run.  Need to explore more into HR zones.  Perceived effort is not matching HR monitor zones. 

In other news...

It's been a hectic week thus far.  With the wife in the hospital, I didn't get much time to run, but I have no complaints about that.  Life always takes precedence over training.  I'm still on pace to hit mid-high 30s in mileage for the week if I can get a good LSD on Sunday.  I'm going to stay local, because with the wife still recovering, I don't want to go to far, so I'll just hit the roads.

I started reading Eat and Run by Scott Jurek this week, and I'm about half-way through.  So far, it's a great read, and I have no doubt that it will be all the way to the finish.  Once I finish this one, I've already got another one in the chute, but I'll talk more on that one and the rest of Jurek's book once I get it finished.  I'll try to do full reviews on all the books I read as I finish them. 

As I mentioned in the log for 6/15, I don't fell like the HR zones that Garmin is telling me I am in are matching up to what my perceived effort is.  It's telling me that at 160 bpm I'm running in zone 4, and while that may be true, my body doesn't feel like I'm running in zone 4.  I'm going to study more into running based on heart rate zones, specifically the Maffetone method.  Time to add another book to the list!

I've decided that for the next several weeks, since I don't have and races on the schedule, I'm going to focus on more volume at a slower pace, to build a solid aerobic base.  With plans to still try and fit in a 50k by the end of this year, beginning of next year, I want to have a solid base to work with before I start training specificity for the race, or adding in too much speed work.  It's going to be tough, because I've already been trying it a little bit, and it's tough to run that slow.  I know once I figure out exactly what my target zones are, that to run in zone 2, and build a solid base, it's going to slow me WAY down to probably around an 11:00 - 12:00 mile.  It's tough to run that slow, but the method is proven, so I think I'm going to try it once I do a little more research. 

As always, I'll keep updating as training progresses.

In the meantime, Keep Running!

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