Monday, July 2, 2012

Week(s) in Review 6/15 - 7/1

6/16 - Cycle in the AM:  4:07/14.5 mph pace.  Avg HR 123.  11.09 mi, 45:44.  Run PM: 4.17 mi / 39:00.  HR 149, 9:21/mi.  Ran in Merrell Road Gloves

6/17 - LSD.  14.33 mi, 2:26:38.  HR 149, 10:14/mi.  Finally an awesome LSD!  Used three gels on run, and felt better w/in minutes of consumption.  Different than usual, I ate a large breakfast this Sunday morning, and then took a nap, and ran later in the afternoon.  Had plenty of energy.  Took a post-run ice bath, and started using the BCAA recovery drink.

Total Weekly mileage (for two days):  29 mi (run and cycle)

6/18 - Rest post LSD.

6/19 - AM Run:  7.28 mi @10:19 pace (1:15); HR 155; Green Silence.  PM Cycle:  18.85 mi @15.0 mph (1:15); HR 134.

6/20 - Run: 6.2 mi @ 10:00 pace (1:03); HR 150; Green Silence.

6/21 - AM Run:  7.22 mi @10:02 pace (1:12); HR 158; Green Silence.  PM Cycle:  15.88 mi @ 15.2 mph (1:02); HR 135.  Hot Hot weather!

6/22 - Rest.

6/23 - Run: 7.5 mi @ 10:29 pace (1:18).  HR 160; Green Silence.  90+ degrees and a heat advisory.  High temps and high volume week explain elevated HR. 

6/24 - LSD Run:  13.66 mi @ 10:14 pace (2:19); HR 152; Green Silence.  Heat advisory again.  Ran early in the AM to try and beat the heat, but it didn't help much.  Fueling was good, decent overall run.

Total Weekly Mileage:  77 mi (run and cycle)

6/25 - Sick.  Great time to develop a Sinus cold.  Rest.

6/26 - Sick.  Still.

6/27 - You guessed it.  Rest

6/28 - Cycle:  14.10 mi @15.1 mph (55:53); HR 141.  Finally felt good enough to get out and do something.  Sinus pressure still clamping my head, but got a halfway decent cycle in.

6/29 - WAY TOO HOT.

6/30 - Run:  7.06 mi @ 9:23 pace (1:06); HR 158.  Ran prior to sunrise to try and beat the heat.  Temperature @ 6 AM was already 82 degrees, w/75% humidity.

7/1 - Run:  10.02 mi @ 10:34 pace (1:45); 158 HR.  Ran early morning again.  Heat index at completion of run was 102 degrees.  This weather sucks.  Other than that, great run.  Still a little sick, but feeling much better than earlier in the week.

Total Weekly Mileage:  32 mi
Mileage YTD:  871

So, it's been awhile since I've done a good update, but I've been pretty busy.  Two weeks ago, I had an awesome training week, and then I got sick.  I'm sure they are probably connected.  I didn't do a gradual increase to the mileage, so that's probably the reason why I got sick.  I'll remember that for the future, but I have to admit, I loved the fact that I was getting so much training in.  I know a lot of that reason was because I actually had the week off work, so around doing stuff at the house, I was pretty free to train whenever I felt like.  Hopefully, one day I'll be able to do that all the time.

The cycling is really catching on with me.  I dig being able to cover lots of distance in less time.  Triathlon in my future?  Possible, but not a focus at the moment.  I have realized that on the days that I do more cycling, I seem to recover faster from my running.  I'm going to use that to my advantage, and do back to back "longer" runs on Sat/Sun, and sandwich the weekend with cycling only days on Fri/Mon.  Instead of taking a complete day off for recovery after the long runs, I'm going to start using cycling to recover, as it seems to work well.

I've also started using a post-workout recovery drink, that's just Branch Chain Amino Acids.  I can't say for sure whether or not it's making a big difference, but initial feeling is that it works.  I'll follow up more later once I've used it more.

There's several things I owe you in the near future:

Recovery Drink review
Brooks Green Silence update
Nathan HPL 020 pack update
Eat and Run book review (almost done!) 

I'll work on pushing out some of those this week, but, I'll be camping with the family for the 4th!  Should be a good time, as long as the weather agrees with us.  Might actually get to squeeze in a few trail miles as well (fingers crossed).

In the meantime, Keep Running!

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