Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week in Review 7/2 - 7/8

Let me preface this week's update with the fact that it was RIDICULOUSLY HOT outside, all day, everyday.  Morning, afternoon, evening, doesn't matter.  That sun was burning.  Add that to the fact that there was about 10000% humidity, and I sweat just thinking about it...

Now, that being said, here's the week in review:

7/1 - Rest day.  No workouts.

7/2 - 4.52 mi run; 39:14; Avg HR 160; 8:41 mi pace; road.

7/3 - Cycle 11.17 mi; 48:53; HR 144; 13.7 mph; road/trail.  Found a new trail today along the New River by the house.  Wish I would have known that was there years ago...

7/4 - Run 6.32 mi; 1:15; 11:58 mi/pace; No HRM; trail; probably the hottest day in the past two weeks.  Weather definitely affected pace.

7/5 - Run/Bike 3.7 mi; 26:10; Pace n/a; No HRM; trail/road; originally planned on being a cycle, however, tire blew once on the trail, and had to run the bike back; road/trail.

7/6 - Run 7.04 mi; 1:13; 10:26 mi/pace; No HRM; ran early morning to beat the heat; trail.

7/7 - LSD 13.1 mi; 2:10; 9:54 mi/pace; 156 HR avg; road.

Total Weekly Miles:     45.84 miles
Total Weekly Time:      06:33 hrs
Mileage to date 2012:   917 miles

A couple of different things I did this week; one, I found the trial near my house, which is awesome.  While it doesn't give me much of a length for a longer run, I can get around 7 miles out of it if I run to the "trail head" on the road from my house and back.  I'll explore around there some more next time I go out, just to see what else I can find...who knows, maybe there's more out there.

Next thing I did that was different, was on my LSD, I ran a loop that is around 2.6 miles, and pre-stocked my car with water to be able to refill my hydration pack/bottle when needed.  Made a big difference as much water as I was taking in during the heat, and that's just drinking to thirst.  I also (for the first time) started mixing my Clif Shots into a handheld bottle, which made it way easier to take, and then I could also portion it out over a longer period instead of trying to down a whole gel at once.  It definitely works better with the berry or citrus flavored gels.  Doing it with the chocolate ones tends to give it a chalky flavor, and doesn't mix up as well.  I may just start playing with liquid maltodextrin mixes again, as those seemed to work before, and it's way cheaper than gels.

I also finished Eat and Run by Scott Jurek this week.  Amazing book.  The story of his life and his rise to being an ultra marathon legend never ceases to amaze me.  I was also really interested in his nutrition, and I think the wife and I are going to try cutting out meat and dairy for a week, and see how it goes.  If everything is well, then maybe we will just keep it going.  I have to admit, the idea intrigues me.

I could spend pages and pages talking about Jurek's book, but I really feel like this is one that you have to read for yourself.  If you're a runner, or even if you aren't a runner, this is a must read.  He truly does have an amazing story.

That's all for the mean time, Keep Running!

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