Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week in Review 7/16 - 7/22

7/16 - Rest

7/17 - MAF Run; 6.22 miles; HR 147; time 1:17; pace 11:50 mile.

7/18 - MAF Run; 5.82 miles; HR 147; time 1:16; pace 12:10 mile.

7/19 - Battalion Hike; 7.9 miles; 25 lbs pack, 30 lbs vest; time 2:27.  Physically, it was an easy day, however, I obviously wore the wrong boots/socks, because I managed to get a total of 7 blisters.  one on each heel, one on each forefoot, one on my left big toe, and one at the base of each Achilles tendon.  The ones at the base of the tendons have given me the most trouble, as they are about 1/2 dollar size.  They are going to take awhile to heel up good, so I'll keep treating them, and wait it out.

7/20 - Rest/blister surgery.

7/21 - Rest.

7/22 - Took the dog out for a hike.  4.14 miles; time 1:10.  Gear review to follow.

Total Weekly miles:   24
Miles to date 2012:    992

So I'm done for the Maximum Aerobic Function training for a bit.  I have a 15k trail race coming up in 4 weeks, and it's time to get some speed work in.  While I'm planning to use this as more of a training run than anything, I still want to perform well.  I'll start throwing in some fartlek and hill training, just to make sure I'm not going out there just to run it at a MAF pace.

The trail race I signed up for is the Qdoba Dino Series 15k, at Southwest Way park in Indianapolis.  I figure that if I'm going to be up there for some leave on my way out to California for my new duty station, I might as well get a race in.  It's just a small local series, but it should be a good fitness check if nothing else.

This was a fairly easy week, mostly due to the fact that I couldn't get any long runs in this weekend.  My feet are TRASHED thanks to the unit hike I had to do for work.  Such is military life I suppose.  It's probably going to take me a few more days to totally heel up, as my feet got pretty tore up.  I wore my favorite, most broken in boots, which in turn left me with broken up feet.  I'll keep treating them, and plan on still getting back on running hard starting in the coming week.  Note to self:  get new boots.

I got some new gear this week, and I'm pretty excited about it.  I paid a visit to my favorite website (REI) and ordered a couple things I've had my eye on for some time.  Both items are not necessarily geared towards running exclusively, but they will have their place.  I purchased the Black Diamond Distance Trekking Poles  and the Gregory Miwok 18 pack

Here's the description of the Gregory pack from

The light Gregory Miwok 18 pack is ideal for hikes, rides and other 1-day adventures. It handily stores and organizes gear for your on-the-trail activities.

  • Inspired by the bio-dynamics of the human body, the shoulder and waist belt suspension are attached with BioSync™ technology artificial tendons
  • These artificial tendons act as attachment points allowing harness to stretch into an ideal fit, moving with the body while in motion
  • On-the-fly, internal compression system allows you to keep pack compressed and snug against back; quick access compression straps are easily reached while pack is on
  • Back panel, shoulder straps and hip belt feature air-mesh to vent and wick away moisture
  • With rear zipper access for easy refilling, a sleeve for your reservoir (sold separately) and exit port system to manage the tube, this pack is completely hydration compatible
  • Front expandable, stretch-mesh pocket features 3-point compression system
  • Zippered fleece-lined MP3/electronic top pocket for storage of your portable music or electronics
  • Dual hip belt pockets stash snacks
  • Side mesh pockets keep water bottles and snacks within easy reach
  • Adjustable sternum strap and webbing loop for lashing on light gear round out pack features
  • The Gregory Miwok 18 pack is constructed from 70-denier? ultra-tear-strength coated nylon for water repellency and durability
And here's the description of the Black Diamond Poles from

The light and versatile Black Diamond Distance Z-Pole trekking poles sport a super simple and reliable folding design that is ideal for day hikers, trail runners and backpackers.

  • Innovative folding Z-Pole system offers simple, compact and reliable support with a concealed inner cord, single push-button release and speed cone deployment
  • Inspired by snow probes, speed cones at the end of each pole section ensure strength, stability and super fast deployment; each speed cone guides a pole section into place
  • A quick pull on the grip and the first pole section snaps and locks the 3 pole sections into place; flexible tube ends protect the Kevlar® center cord when folded
  • Easily replace and solidly secure pole tips with WaveLock™ tip connections
  • Right- and left-hand-specific straps are light, breathable and moisture-wicking; they feature breathable cut-out windows and easy rip-and-stick? adjustability
  • Light, non-slip EVA foam grips feature foam extensions that allow poles to be held low during short side hill traverses
  • Strong aluminum shafts stand up to everyday use on the trail
  • Pole baskets feature shaft catchers to secure pole sections when folded; note: baskets are fixed in place and cannot be switched out for snow or powder baskets
  • Black Diamond Distance Z-Pole trekking poles come with interchangeable, non marking rubber tips, carbide tips and a stow bag

I tested them a little bit today on my hike with the dog, and initial impressions are very favorable.  The poles are very light (12.35 oz per pair), and collapse into a very manageable little package.  Matter of fact, they fit perfectly into one of the side pouches of the Gregory pack. 

The pack is uber-comfortable.  I put it on, and it seems to instantly form to my body.  I didn't have much in it today, just some water and snacks for myself and the dog, but it just seems to fit me perfectly.  It's got plenty of space, without being too bulky, has what Gregory calls the Bio Sync system to help it move with your body as you move.  I have to admit, it has worked very well thus far.

Like many things, I can't give a full review on them yet, as I've only used them once for a 4 mile hike.  However, I do have a good test for them planned in about 4 weeks, so I'll keep my thoughts to myself until that takes place.  My plan is to use them for some fast-packing adventures, because I've become very intrigued in that whole concept as of late.  Once I get out west, I'll probably substitute some weekend runs for some fast-packing adventures in some mountainous terrain. 

Other than that, I'm keeping pretty busy right now just trying to get everything ready for the big move coming up.  The movers will be coming to pack up the house in two weeks.  Once that's done, the wife, kid, and dog will be heading back home, and I'll be left here in NC to finish everything up until I join them about two weeks later.  It's going to be a hectic few weeks!

That's all I've got for this the meantime...Keep Running!

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