Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week in Review 7/23 - 7/29 2012

Monday - Rest (feet still healing from blisters last week)

Tues - 4.38 mi; time 40:38; 9:37/mi pace.  Went out for an easy run, turned into an Ipod search and rescue mission...mission failed.

Wed - Speed day; 3.83 mi; time 33:53; 7:45/mi pace aside from cooldown; fartlek w/max pace 6:50/mi.

Thurs - Trail run.  6.44 mi; time 1:14; 11:35/mi pace.  112 degree heat index, and trail flooded due to heavy recent rains.  Some waist-deep wading took place.

Fri - Rest.

Sat - Trail run.  6.73 mi; time 1:06; 9:50/mi pace.  Very muddy conditions as the water level returns to normal.  Very humid, but great run overall.

Sun - Trail run/hike.  10.42 mi; time 2:17; 13:12/mi pace.  Legs felt heavy.  Cardio was solid, just not much energy in the lower legs this morning.  Trail was a mess with much damage from recent storms in the form of downed trees, washed-out sections, and flooding.  Still a great time.

Weekly total:  32 miles
Weekly time:  5:52
Mileage YTD:  1014 miles

It's been kind of a relaxed week running.  With the wicked blisters I got last week, I really didn't want to do anything too crazy until I was sure that they were healed.  The heat kicked back up this week, also, but I think at this point I'm pretty comfortable in anything up to 100 degrees.  The humidity still gets me, though.  I wish there were a way to get away from that, but I won't have to deal with that much longer.

My next residence will definitely bring more heat, but less humidity.  The family and I are heading Twentynine Palms, California for my next duty station.  Right in the heart of the SoCal high desert, I don't think the humidity will be an issue.  I will get some great running out there, and I'm really looking forward to that.  There's some mountains, and some great desert and canyon running, especially around Joshua Tree National Park. 

I've never really posted any pics of the trails around here, so I actually took a camera with me this time so that I could snap some to post.  My long runs happen on the Neusiok Trail that is located near Havelock, NC, in the Croatan National Forest.  You can get a taste of pretty much everything Coastal Carolina has to offer, such as some boggy swamp, some coastal hardwood, and thick wetland forest.  There's not too much as far as elevation gain is concerned (the section I ran today has the most, and I clocked 2675 ascent and same for descent), but it can get somewhat technical just because of the roots and log-hopping that takes place.  Anyway, here's the pics I got today, gives you an idea:

One of the boardwalks over the swampy areas.  They get pretty slimy, and often requiring walking over as not to slip.

The Neusiok Trail is part of the North Carolina MST (Mountains-to-Sea Trail), and there are several shelters for hikers along the route.  This is the view from one of those shelters.

While there are not major climbs, there's several of these little rollers (probably 20ish feet).

There are some very runnable sections of this trail, in fact, on good days, most of it is.

Nice flat open section.

If it weren't for the markings in some of the hardwood areas, it would be tough to know where the trail is in some areas that open up.

You can see where the recent storm damage is taking effect.

More flooding and downed trees from storm damage.

A good dry section.

Another boardwalk.  I believe the longest one on the trail is .25 miles.

I'll try to remember and take more pics as I get out on the trail.  There's a few other sections of the trail I plan on running in the near future, that are completely different from this one.  And, as I get out and run more trails in more locations, I'll be sure to include those!

Side note and un-related:  I tried two new flavors/brands of trail nutrition today.  The first was a Honey Stinger Vanilla was delicious.  I'm definitely going to have to get more of those.  The second was the Gu Roctane Cherry Lime flavor.  I like that the Cherry Lime wasn't too sweet.  I know for me and apparently many others, that as time goes on, I want less sweet things while running, and this fits that bill well.

Nice, relaxed week overall, with more to come in the coming weeks. 

In the meantime.....Keep Running!

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