Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week in Review 7/9 - 7/15

7/9 - Rest Day

7/10 - Treadmill Hill workout 4.5 mi; 40:00; 2.5 mi hill program level 10; 2.0 mi speed/turnover work on 3 percent decline; 8:53/mi pace.

7/11 - Run 5.5 mi; 47:09; HR 173; 8:34/mi pace; crushed stone road.

7/12 - Run 4.23 mi; 41:25; HR 162; 9:47/mi pace; crushed stone road.

7/13 - Cycle 12.5 mi; 48:33; HR 150; 15.4 mph; MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function) training day 1.  Tgt HR 140-150.

7/14 - Run 10.37 mi; 2:14; HR between 144-150; 12:56 pace; pace includes walking warmup/cool down of 12 minutes on either side; road.

7/15 - Early morning run 14.0 mi; 2:41; HR 144-150; 11:06/mi pace.

Total Weekly mileage:  51 miles
Total Weekly time:        7:52
Mileage to date 2012:   968

Started reading a new book this week; The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing by Dr. Philip Maffetone.  Seems like this is a book that many of the top endurance athletes go by as a sort of training bible.  The big thing is MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function) training, which is basically training at your maximum aerobic heart rate.  Once you determine your heart rate, that pretty much sets the "pace" for you to perform at in order to determine a strong aerobic base.  I'm going to try it, sounds like a pretty sound and proven theory, so I'm hoping for good results. 

I've done it for three days now, and realize that obviously it's not a significant sample to determine how it's going to work for me.  But I have noticed, even based off looking at my training log, that with the cycling, maintaining at or close to 150 bpm is significantly more effort than what I usually exert on the bike.  That's probably a good thing, as the benefits will carry over to biking and running (and I'm still not totally convinced that I won't do some triathlons at some point in the future, even though right now the bike is just cross training). 

With the two days I've been running, I've had two drastically different paces while performing in the suggested HR zone.  I'm going to call the first one a fluke, and assume that my pace at ~150 bpm is not a 12:56 mile.  It's not that I think I'm that good, it's just that previous training logs with heart rate monitored tend to lean closer to ~11:00 mile at that HR.  We'll see as the weeks progress, but I'm looking forward to the results that this effort will bring. 

Oh, and I've signed up for another race, and may have another one in mind.  I signed up for the TNF ECS trail marathon in San Francisco.  I figure I'll be out in Cali, so it will be a good race to do.  If all goes well (or at least well enough), then after that, I think I may go for a spring 50k and launch my start in the ultra world.  I'm pretty pumped for the race, and look forward to getting into some hills.

I think I might do a 15k next month sometime (trail) since I'll be home on leave.  I think I'm also going to be doing a day or so of some solo mountain hiking/running in the Great Smoky Mountains.  It will be nice, and I'm looking forward to it.

In the meantime....Keep Running!

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