Sunday, October 21, 2012

Juniper Flats

Did a 20-miler today through the Juniper Flats and Stubbe Springs area of Joshua Tree National Park today.  I've been through the area before to get to Quail Mountain (see my Quail Mountain post), but this time I went a little further, and took some pictures of the area that burned during the fire earlier in the year.  It's very interesting to see the cycle of fire then rebirth that takes place all the time throughout nature.

View of Little San Bernadinos from Juniper Flats

San Jacinto in the distance

Clouds rolling over to range

Trail Down into the canyon

California Riding and Hiking Trail through Juniper Flats.

Burnt Juniper Bush in Juniper Flats from the 2012 fire. 
Scorched Joshua Trees near Quail Springs.

Burnt Joshua Tree Near Juniper Flats.

Scorched Joshua tree...struck by lightning?

Good run overall, and it was beautiful weather.  Amazing, how in a place like this, even if I run in areas I've run before, I always find something different to see!

In the meantime....Keep Running!

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