Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ryan Mountain

I tackled Ryan Mountain today.  Much faster than Queen Mountain yesterday, as Ryan actually has an established trail starting from two different spots.  The first trailhead is in the Ryan Mountain parking lot.  The second (where I started), is across from the campsite #6 at the Sheep Pass Campground.  The Sheep Pass Trail adds another .75 miles to the route up to the summit.

Here's the stats on Ryan Mountain measured over the course of the route from Sheep Pass trailhead to summit and back, and then via road to Ryan Mountain Trailhead, using my Garmin GPSmap 60CSx:

Summit Elevation:  5466' (marker at summit says 5457')
Trailhead (Sheep Pass):  4404'
Total Ascent:  1065'
Total Descent:  1190'
TH to summit:  29:36
Summit to TH: 19:40
Total time:  49:16

There were some pretty epic views from the summit, and I think they can pretty much explain themselves through pictures.

Start Point at Sheep Pass

Rock Formation Near Ryan Mt Trailhead

What most of the trail looks like.

About Halfway up facing west.

Looking back down the trail.

Summit time.

Summit Facing Mt San Jacinto

Cairn at Summit of Ryan Mt.  America!

Tough to see but the summit of Mt Gorgorino hidden by a front moving in

Don't step off on the way's steeper than it looks!

And back to the bottom.

It took me longer to get back down than I thought it would, since it took me less than 30 minutes to power hike/run up the mountain.  However, overall it is pretty rocky and technical, even if short.  Trying to go too fast would have likely ended up with me flying off one of the switchbacks, so I opted to play it safe this time.  I'm sure I'll attempt this one again, probably several times, because I know even for me, that time is pretty soft.

In the meantime....Keep Running!

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