Friday, October 12, 2012

Split Rock Loop Trail

No running today, just a nice, enjoyable stroll on the Split Rock Loop Trail as a family.  Tyler (my son) was tough to keep reigned in!  He loved just taking off down the trail.  If he fell down, he just got back up and said "I'm o.k.," and kept going.  He's going to be a little trail runner yet!

Split Rock

Tyler under split rock.

Amazing rock formations all along the trail

Just chillin...Hurry up Daddy!

Great View of Surrounding valley.


Great view of rock formations

Small slit canyon through rocks.

It's called "Tulip Rock."  Get it?

Perfect size seat...with a Popeye face.

More great rocks.
It's only a two mile loop, but I definitely see myself getting back out there for some laps.  Pretty tame trail, fairly flat, it'd be a great way to get some easy miles in just to relax in the environment.

In the meantime....Keep Running!

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